Entomology/Zoology 371:  Medical Entomology

Currently not taught; anticipated restart in 2023.

ENT/C&ES/IES 205: Our Planet, Our Health

This class is taught during Fall (and summer) semesters and combines an in-person meeting on Mondays with virtual module content (summer is entirely online).  Dr. Paskewitz leads the class with co-instructors from Community and Environmental Sociology and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  The class is the required foundational course for the Global Health major and serves as an introduction to Global Health and the intersections with Planetary Health.

ENT 570: Systems thinking in Global Health (Global Health capstone class)

This class meets 2-3 times weekly during the Spring semester with a focus on dissection of complex problems and professional skills.

NS/ENT/Agronomy 203: Introduction to Global Health

This class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 to 2:45 during Fall semesters.  Dr. Paskewitz teaches the last third of the class, which focuses on infectious and noncommunicable disease as well as planetary and environmental health.  A summer version of the course is also offered.